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Self-destruction through Social Websites

Information related to worldwide follow-up with the impact all over the economy can be achieved through one different medium within the variety of tenures and means. The past decades were based on the expansion of all the necessities goods and efficient services which have been denoted as the backbone of the society related to a digital, cultural, economic, political, and social application. The growth and development of the country are always put fore as the main priority towards the up-gradation as well as modification of the economy-exchange of ideas, communication, and innovations play an essential role in the upliftment of the speedy continent. The phenomenon of achieving the defined target sometime leads to destruction towards the working of the society which ultimately has a worsening situation and infringing the rights.[i]


Increasing the population of the territory brings a huge change in working as well as the administrative system for the functioning of the various sectors. From the ancient era till the revolutionary period one element’s occurrence never faded and that was media, where people used to get updates regarding the happenings and non-happenings. Earlier the elite people used to inscribe the write up with the reference to the experience used to elaborate within the vulnerable language and diversity they used to follow.[ii]

Material and elements which were used at the primitive times were caves, walls, and areas where access later the era came in which the chronological period got into concerned by the scriptures which were build-up according to the ages, which subsequently denote the events occurred and prevented. In the daily routine of an individual life medium of connection widely been categorized as per the need of the people and efficiency related to multi sectoral responses. The people should be literate for the better and positive use of everything, as it has been correctly stated that anything which is been overused will leads to the path of destruction.[iii]

Previously when there was no means for the awareness then newspaper was put foreground to spread the ideation without any sort of intervention, but slowly the betterment and relaxation of the obstruction release which acknowledges the global problem and incorporates the working of social media. Throughout the history of ages, mankind was more concerned about the co-relation among the environment and people around it but due to lack of stability, the ideas were never been promoted. It was recognized as the need of having a connection and mandate information related to every risk-taking element, which can self-aware for further consequences.[iv] People relatively wants an area through which it can be feasible to access to all the defined sources which are required to reduce and diminish the unwanted circumstances.

Within the ambit of modern scenario, people all over the globe are connected with the mode of exchange of ideas and design of innovation through which there is prevention from overviewing the possible way out – the solution for coping up with the technology or the new phenomenon is been named as the Internet. For instance, the people discover the program throughout the universe which will give and support all the different types of facts and various types of comprehensive details regarding everything within one platform which is been known by the world as “social media”.[v]


Social change within the society makes the people adopt all the dynamic variance which enhances to shift from tumultuous brief to the media penetration within the roots of the internet. With increase perspective and evidence related to social media sites subsequently leads to fusing up of the technology that allowed creation with the reference of a useful generation of the content but along with this the media also transformed the instantaneous mode into a threat in an individual life. Social media alternatively is swept a greater understanding between the people and technology but simultaneously leads the minors into immense significant causation of self-harm which promotes today’s youth to adopt all the malpractices and increase the emulating of self-injury.[vi]

Internet and social networking have enhanced in such a manner that the websites are been used for exploiting, extracting useful and confidential data, self-harming practices, distress ideation, and enhancement of poor mental health which ultimately results in behavioral disorder.[vii] Interaction and networking functions also bind the people but also leads to misuse of resources, trending pervasive changes that are more adaptable within the community are social media is responsible for suicide cases. The influence of social media can be made from the farmers to the higher authority as it has been considered as a stark and dark indicator for human hardship.[viii]

Likewise the blind binding connection between the social networking and human being extent in such a wide way that make an individual dependent on the various numbers of a website as in accordance sometimes due to pressure, forgery, exploitation, bullying, breakdown with mental trauma, and as an action of the people they usually opt the wrong path as Suicide.[ix] The legal provision which will be applicable holds up large accountability for the punishment of the real culprit, but due to the advancement of the technology, it becomes a hectic situation to caught the accused with the help of various techniques.

India is been known as possessing the highest rate of suicide cases in the world, the knowing facts related to cyber-bullying is been experienced by more than 40% by the adolescent and teenagers, evidence-based on reviewing the literature of historical, epidemiology, protective risk factors, and global demographic factors which can prevent an individual to avoid from any unwanted descending steps.[x] Synchronizing, attraction, and emphasizing something which mainly includes all the digital as well as non-digital appliances can lead to the destruction of that specific element as for the achievement of the defined goal, people avoid the outcome irrespective of positive or negative.[xi]


Humans have all the inbuilt potential to fight from the threats which are going to ultimately harms and outreach the public. From the past few years, humans have been replaced by a machine with the help of many programming and sources which as a whole have made an intense up-gradation towards the development of the country. The public promotes the direct and indirect avenues whether it is beneficial towards the general mindset of the people or not, which sometimes raises an uncontrollable that leverages the issues related to upgrown society. Crime and Punishment is been common to track people’s priority over the welfare of people but to prevent their mischief it leads to uncertain obstacles and barriers towards the country.

The most recognized health disorder which has an adverse impact all over the globe and also restricts the access to get help related to self-harm is Suicide. The most common mode in which the people are getting influenced is social media as due to developing technology criteria everybody has easy access to the internet which enhances the scenario into the worst situation. Possessing the facts and retaining the outcome can be useful to procure the uncertain doing but people take the thing in a very adverse situation which leads the results as a huge level of penalty along with punishment and sometimes even tragic which has been analyzed as death. The legal complexities for approaching the future direction for the prevention of media influence and suicide-related behavior. Lastly, according to the update of suicide cases within the territory, it results in increasing the media threats which can be ignored by setting up rigid and strict guidelines for the avoidance of certain mischief, this only can happen when our government performs all the defined laws properly.


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This blog has been authored by Garima Jargar who is a 3rd Year B.A., LL.B. (Hons.) student at Maharashtra National Law University, Nagpur.